Paintings are generally the most attractive and pleasing creation of human being, that has the ability to exert a pull on the viewer. Oil paintings are attractive art forms, and these ancient components continue to mark their viewpoint through generations.   

The great artists and painters of the past chose to work on oil painting it rendered a very naturalistic output. The painting varied from those made by water colors, because the oil paintings looked very attractive and rich. Artists selected for oil painting because of their long lasting resistance and durability.

Oil painting is an amazing art form and even nowadays, there are a number of artists who work fantastically on oil paints. But at the present time, there are many sophisticated instruments to create oil paintings like miscible oil paints. These paints can be cleaned up and thinned with water instead of using turpentine. Primarily, turpentine was applied as a cleaner in oil paintings. These water miscible oil paints diminish the deep odor of toxic chemicals. In those days, artist covered a blended mixture on the canvas then they started painting, this was performed to prevent the canvas from the toxic nature of the paints. However, today these protection measures are less required.  Thanks to those great men for usage of oil paints only, we are able to pleasure in astonishing collections of many artists.


Today’s Oil Painting